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Montenegrin coast is 293 km long and extends from the mouth of the Bojana, in the southeast to the Bay to the northwest, in the lower range of the 117 beaches and abounds in the total length of 73 km. You can choose what you prefer - sandy, stony or rocky beaches, long beaches and small and intimate beach. The biggest of these is the Great beach in Ulcinj, with its 13 km long and sand, which is known for its healing properties. In addition, there are beaches with fine gravel of different colors, rocky beaches where you can hop into the water or the beach with large pebbles that are pleasant to the feet, the beach under the pine trees, with fresh air and aerosols, idyllic beaches under the palm trees and olives, Ponte decorated stone, hidden beaches, women's beach with healing sulfur spring water or nudist beach the most famous of Ada Bojana in Ulcinj. They are especially attractive with music bars, beach bars, which gathers young people. The beaches are navigable to rent vehicles or to pay driving fees - boats that lead to exotic places. Many beaches received the Blue Flag of UNESCO for environmental cleanliness. In Montenegro swimming season begins in April and lasts until novembra.Swimming in the Adriatic Sea is a pleasant water is not too salty and very transparency.Temperatura sea for seven months, ranges from + 18 to +26 ctepeni C. Transparency of sea water is 38 -55 meters in deep.Containing salts in seawater from 28 to 38%.


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Ada Bojana, Velika plaza, Zenska plaza, Mala plaza, Valdanos



Utjeha, Veliki Pijesak, Crvena stijena, Gradska plaza, Zukotrlica, Crvena plaza, Sutomorska plaza, Maljevik, Biserna obala, Kraljicina plaza


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Buljarice, Lucice, Petrovac, Perazica Do, Drobni pijesak, Sveti Stefan, Milocer, Kraljicina plaza, Przno, Kamenovo, Becici, Guvance, Slovenska plaza, Gradska plaza, Mogren, Jaz, Ostrvo Sveti Nikola



Oblatno, Krasici, Plavi horizonti, Sveti Marko, Ostrvo cvijeca, Zupa, Belane, Seljanovo, Donja lastva, Opatovo 



 Bigovo, Trsteno, Zukovo, Markov rt, Orahovac, Bajova kula, Risan, Morinj