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Sveti Stefan is a small town not far from Budva . Sveti Stefan is now connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus . This island is the most luxurious resort in Montenegro and one of the most luxurious resorts on the Adriatic Sea .According to tradition , on the island of Sveti Stefan , in later centuries, cultural and historical center Pastrovic fortress was built in 1442. , When the people settled there . The fort was surrounded by walls that are in them provide protection for families from surrounding villages the Turks and pirates . According to legend, the village was established after the Turkish siege of the city of Kotor , when Paštrovići decided to mass , with about a thousand people come to the aid the city . Paštrovići and Kotor are Poedem had won over the Turks . On his return from the battle , near the beach Jaz , not far from the Old Town (Bar ) observed the remaining Turkish galleys . They decided to attack again and gained rich booty . From the captured prey built a fortress , with one house for each of the twelve tribes paštrovskih . This established the settlement gave the name of Sveti Stefan , called the Church of St. . Stephen ( dedicated Archdeacon Stephen the Martyr ), which at that point was built at the time Nemanjića . Sveti Stefan , on the terrace above the front door , Paštrovska Court for decades shared justice and resolved disputes , and it is called "the place of justice " (which, of justice ) or " bankada " . This Court were Paštrovići especially proud , and he led the origin since 1266. , And King Stefan Prvovjenčanog that it is approved . The oldest written source mentioning Paštrovska choir dates from 1431 and. , When Paštrovići , because of the danger from the Turks , but were voluntarily became part of the Venetian Republic ( contract Drobni in the sand, from 04 April 1423. Was officially ratified in Venice 1424th years ) .Sveti Stefan are three small churches : the church of Sveti Stefan , after which the island was named, is located on the highest part of the island ; Church of Alexander Nevsky , and the lowest , dedication Transfiguration , located at the entrance to the town, which has a narrow causeway connected to the mainland .Because of its position Sveti Stefan was a trading and transportation center Paštrovća . He had a great strategic and commercial importance at the time of the Venetian Republic and traded with Venice . Town started slowly losing importance in the late 19th century , when the townsfolk started to leave . The complete migration in 1955. , When the island is completely renovated and turned into a "city hotel" . The streets , walls , roofs , facades of houses, retained the original shape and the interior of the house was modern hotel comfort. One of the villas, situated on the coast isthmus that connects the island to the mainland , Villa "Montenegro" , was awarded the 2006th year "Five Stars Diamond" award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences for high quality services . and the only one that carries a five-star . [ 1 ]Among the celebrities and statesmen who have stayed at the St. Stephen La Pasionarija , numerous Soviet Marshals: Timoshenko , Grechko , Kirilenko , Jakubowski , writers Malraux, Moravia, led by Soviet cosmonauts Gagarin, Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, film stars Sofia Loren , Monica Viti , Marina Vladi , Kirk Douglas , Sergei Bondarchuk , Sylvester Stallone . At St. Stephen 's in 1992. Played chess match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky . For Fisher , on the pretext of violation of the sanctions that were then introduced to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia , was issued an international arrest warrant .