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The biggest and one of the most beautiful canyon in Europe , Tara canyon , you can enjoy going down its wild beauty who hides in every corner of the scenes that required him to have to have a camera.This unique feeling you can experience in archaic wooden rafts or from the comfort of rubber boats . And in both cases experience will be unforgettable . Rafting begins with the raft where embarks on an adventure around 100 km long , beautiful and most exciting areas of the canyon . At the very beginning Tara will fascinate waterfalls Ljutice , it may take under monumental bridge on Tara with a height of 165 m , and will welcome the old Roman gateway - Lever Tara . Funjicki beech and white board will remind you how peaceful and until that time umiljata Tara becomes a real wild beauty . Misovo hot is the deepest part of the canyon and is 1100 m . What you still waiting for the top Curevac ( 1650 ) that rises above Tara as its eternal guardian and one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Durmitor , then River Falls Drage and Radovan luka . The canyon Susic, Tepacki rapids , cascades and Brstanovicki Bailović icicles are memorable pictures of the trip .Waterfalls and rapids that leave you breathless and waterfalls that Tara will stop time forever etched in your heart to her back again . Rafting will end up with Šćepan fields with lunch or dinner along the river with an experience you will not wait to repeat ..Useful information :March, April , May (4 + to 5) extremely high water levels . Very demanding tour . Requires prior physical condition . The water temperature ( 5.3 to 7C )Jun , Jul , ( 3DO 4) The average water level , mid challenging tour , so that they can go rafting and children . Physical fitness and knowledge are not required. The water temperature (10 to 12C )August , September , October , (2 + to 3 +) water levels are small , light tours, family variant . Physical fitness and knowledge are not required. Temperature of the water ( 12 to 9c ) .

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