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One of the most famous take offs on the coast of Montenegro is place called Brajici.Take off: 760 m above sea level take off : 42°18'6" (42.3019)N; 18°53'29" (18.8914)E landing : 42°16'54" (42.2818)N; 18°52'23" (18.8732)E You may come by car to Brajici for take off. This is located next to the main road Budva – Cetinje, just 15 km from Budva (Becici). Terrain has a very significant thermal (above water) flying potential. Consequently it gives you a possibility of flying for many hours, as well as possibility for long distance flying (We have noted flights to Bar and back – 70 km. in total). Landing takes place on sandy beach at Becici (Budva).