Paragliding Budva-Thermal flight


About the flight:

 Takeoff Braici 760 ASL
 Duration: Approximately 30-45 minutes
 Landing: St. Stefan beach or Slovenian beach Budva
 Photos and video included

In the paragliding sport, the magic word is thermal for long distance flying. During sunny days, the air on the ground warms up, this heated air is lighter than cold air, which is why the warm air masses rise and thermals or updrafts develop. With the rising air currents your paraglider pilot can gain altitude with circling flight and reach the desired altitude, even up to the cloud. If you have ever seen how thermal winds endow eagles ascend to great heights without flapping their wings, in this same way, we use the rising air currents and with the right conditions can fly high above peaks of mountains.

In order to be able to offer you a perfect panoramic thermal flight of 35 – 45 minutes, we set your tandem flight appointment at the time of day when the updraft is strong enough.

In this kind of flights, we can often reach heights of over 1500 m. ASL, that you can enjoy your paragliding flight adventure high above the peaks and the wide sight panorama on Riviera of Budva.

In strong thermals you will feel the enormous power of the updrafts, which you and your tandem pilot will carry far over the top of the mountain.

These tandem flights work very well, especially in spring and early summer. The advantage again in late summer and autumn: The air is often completely calm – you feel a floating and sliding!

After about 30-45 minutes, we will land together usually on the sandy beach near the island of Sveti Stefan or on the Slovenian beach near the Old Town of Budva. After this experience you will be full of impressions. Many images and sensations often come back to mind days later.

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