Kotor Paragliding


About the flight:

Take of Lovcen 1380 ASL
 Price: 110€- 90€  (Transportation Included)
 Duration: Approximately 15-30 minutes
 Landing: Kotor football pitch
 Photos and video included

Paragliding Kotor – take off Lovcen famous as Black mountain

is made up almost entirely of high altitude terrain including the vast mountain area of the Lovcen National Park and famous peak Stirovnik, and Jezerski peak. Take off Lovcen is located at an altitude of 1380 meters above sea level,during twenty years paragliding spot Kotor – take off Lovcen has carved out a reputation as one of the Europe’s top beauty sites for paragliding tandem flying.

The smoot sea breeze and thermal of the southern-east Lovcen mountain range with sometimes very low cloud base, dominant south and south-east winds to make it a superb exciting for tandem flights. The slopes of the Lovcen ridge are rocky, with many deep valleys, pits and gorges, which give a sensational look to the landscape.

The meeting point is individually agreed on in advance but usually will meet you in the old town Kotor or if you prefer pick up you from your staying place.

From sure you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the sea and nature of Montenegro while driving up old road from Kotor to take off Lovcen which it takes about 30 minutes, then we set off for an approach walk of about 10 minutes on a hiking trail towards the take-off location.

After a quick briefing on procedure of a tandem paragliding flight and the safety instructions, you are provided harnesses with a protective helmet. While your pilot unfolds the wing and makes the final preparations you will enjoy in spectacular view on Bay of Kotor, which is one of the largest bays on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea you can see as well the Lustica peninsula is located on the southeast side of the entrance to the bay.

After a little while time for preparing and checking everything we are finally ready to go!

Securely attached in front of your pilot, and comfortably installed in your  harnesses, you run a short course on a gentle slope in order to gain momentum. The wing straightens up and takes you into the valley.

Depending on the weather condition the flight will take of between 15 to 30 minutes. You will fly over the above the Lovćen National Park, which consists of beech and oak forests, with a  unique beauty of the landscape of the Bay of Kotor, which is most evident through the contrast of the sea and steep high mountains, also you can enjoy the view of the fortress of San Giovanni, which was built during the 9th century.

If conditions permit, you can take command of glider for a few minutes in the air if you want to try it.

At the end of the flight, we will landing down on football pitch in Kotor. This activity lasts about 1 and half hour in total.

Notify your pilot if you want a calm relaxing flight or want to experience a “roller coaster in the sky” with some spirals and wing overs.

The pilot is equipped with a go-pro camera mounted on a telescopic rod, so you can thus retrieve the video and photos of your flight. Additional charges will apply in this case.

This paragliding experience can be offered as a gift box to celebrate a birthday or any other special event. Don’t forget to offer this aerial adventure to a thrill-seeker.

Give us a call and we’d be happy to answer questions.

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