Petrovac Paragliding


About the flight

Takeoff: Pastrovac hill 650 ASL
 Price: 75€ 65€ (Transportation Included)
 Duration: Approximately 15-20 minutes
 Landing: Buljarica Beach
    Photos and video included

From our passengers we often get the question where it is best to do paragliding in Montenegro,in fact, which location is the best to do paragliding with you?

We will note that the paragliding Montenegro team flies from several paragliding places on the coastal part of Montenegro, all these locations are very attractive and each of them has something special that makes it unique so if you choose any of these options you will certainly not regret it.

On the contrary, you will certainly enjoy every moment of the flight, but if you still insist on our recommendation, we will always suggest Paragliding flight in Budva as the best option.

Why? The reason is simple, even though you are on vacation, ie you are not in a hurry, you still do not want to spend most of the day on one excursion.

On the paragliding take-off above Budva at an altitude of almost 800m. we arrive in just 20min and the whole excursion lasts about 1 hour.

It is certainly the most famous paragliding resort in Montenegro and on a beautiful day you will certainly always have company or you will not be the only one who wants to fly, you will meet many happy people who have gathered with the same goal as you to try this unforgettable experience. Also, those who fly there every day for their own enjoyment, that is, we are all attracted by the same passion with the desire to fly.

But as the saying goes, “tastes are not discussed.”

For those who are very flexible with time on vacation and do not rush anywhere and want to get lost in a few hours from the pother and bustle that is an integral part of every tourist place and want to feel some higher intimacy with nature then it is certainly paragliding over Petrovac.


The excursion begins by picking you up from your hotel and driving to the take-off point on the old road from Petrovac to Podgorica, you will enjoy the beautiful view of the Adriatic coast and the bay of Buljarica.

You will feel serenity and peace as if you have currently moved to some past civilization. The road will lead us past sparsely populated villages and it is not uncommon for our domestic animals to be blocked by horses or cows that lazily clear our way and silently look at us as if wondering what are we looking for here?

From the main road we descend to the macadam hunting road through the forest about 5 km when we reach the end of the road you will realize that you have made a good choice, you will be given a beautiful view of the bay Buljarica, you will enjoy the silence and nature. In the summer, the company will make us some of our feathered friends who with their voices seem to be angry that we are disturbing their daily peace.

The runway is located at an altitude of 650m. and we land on a meadow near the beach Buljarica. The flight lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. For this excursion you need to have adequate footwear because it is necessary to walk about 5-10 minutes on a fairly inaccessible terrain.

If we take you to Becice or Budva, the duration of this excursion is about 3 hours.

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