Do I need any training or experience to fly?

Absolutely not! No experience is required to fly as you will be fully briefed prior to take off. You will merely run a few steps and the rest is in the hands of your fully qualified pilot. Just sit back and enjoy your flight.

Is there a weight restriction to fly tandem paragliding?

As each canopy has a limit on how many kilos it can carry, our pilots are carefully matched to each passenger according to their combined weight and the weather conditions. In Paragliding Montenegro we currently enforce a weight limit of 110 kg. (17  stone).

What about photography & video

Your pilot is equipped with a wide angle Go-pro camera. During your tandem flight your pilot will capture not only the breathtaking views but your smile as well. After the flight you will to get flight photos and video. Your flight photos and video will be given to you in the form of a CD-a or send on your email address.View our gallery to see moments that we captured.

When does the season begin/end?

Our season begins in April and finishes the first week of November.

What is the minimum – maximum age to fly?

Almost anybody can participate in paragliding tandem flight,here in Paragliding Montenegro Budva we have flown passengers from 6 to 84 years old.

Am I insured through Paragliding Montenegro during the flight?

Yes, our fully comprehensive insurance policy covers Lovcen insured in Montenegro!

How long will I be in the air?

Each flight duration is a minimum of 15 till 25 minutes depending on the weather conditions which contribute to the thermal lift.

What do I need to wear?

Paragliding Montenegro Budva provides a safety helmet to each passenger. You need to wear comfortable clothing and a pair of sneaker.

What do I need to take?

Bring; sunglasses, a bottle of water also a camera.

At what time can i fly?

We usually start in the morning around 10 am and flying until 6 pm

How do we arrive to take off point?

Our driver will pick up you from your hotel or the meeting point is individually agreed on in advance, depending on which take-off site is selected.

How long does it take to go up?

it takes about 20 minute journey to the takeoff, in only 20 minutes drive you will arrive at take off Brajici from where it gives you an unforgettable view on the whole Budva Riviera.

Can I pre-book my tandem paragliding flight?

We advise you to book and leave until the last day because the reservations are scheduled in advance and also depending on the weather conditions