Tara Rafting


The unique Tara Canyon is more than 1330 meters deep, which makes it the deepest and sharpest canyon in Europe, and the second deepest canyon in the world, just behind the Grand Canyon of Colorado in Arizona. The Tara River is known as the largest reservoir of drinking water in Europe, and also under the name “Tears of Europe”, because in its upper course, water can be drunk freely, it is crystal clear and turquoise blue. The Tara Canyon is 146 km long and has an average drop of 4.5 m per kilometer, which makes it an excellent river for rafting.

Rafting is a phenomenal pastime on the river, more precisely a combination of adventure, adrenaline, positive energy, making new friendships, which ultimately contributes to an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a unique day on the river filled with fun, excitement, with lots of sparkling rapids, especially on the last 18 km of the river, where Tara has over 20 most attractive rapids as well as some of magnificent waterfalls more than 20 meters high, contact us and you are on the right path to experience it all, and thus, to become our guests every year, because we will provide the quality of rafting services, as well as the quality of food at camp, local specialties, undoubtedly gain your trust.

Our skippers are the ultimate professionals who have been trained and have an IRF (International Rafting Federation) certificate, which will make your descent as safe and fun as possible.


Before the start of the descent, the skipper maintains a short course on rafting rules of conduct in the boat during the descent, all with the aim of your maximum safety during the descent.

Rafting equipment consists of a neoprene suit, neoprene boots, helmet, paddle, as well as a life jacket, and in case of rainy weather, the camp also provides raincoats. Tourists are allowed to carry their cameras and video cameras during the descent, for which they receive special bags, or barrels, which are hermetically sealed, and which protect them from damage due to their possible exposure to water.

It is also necessary to mention that you do not need previous experience to descend the Tara River.

It is also necessary to know that the Tara River, according to the international scale of river categorization, is categorized from III-IV degree, according to the degree of rafting activity, which positions it at the very top of the world’s most attractive rivers.

As for the duration of the descent through Tara, it varies from the height of the water level and weather conditions, as well as from the participants who are in the boat. In May, the water level is the highest, and then rafting lasts approximately 45 minutes, while in August and September, when the water level is significantly lower, rafting can last 3-4 hours.

Adrenaline lovers will certainly not miss the Tara rafting in May, when its water level is highest.