Budva Paragliding


About the flight:

 Takeoff Braici 760 ASL
 Duration: Approximately 15-20 minutes
 Landing: Becici Beach (760m)
 Photos and video included

Are you planning your vacation in Budva?

That’s a great idea! Because Budva is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism, despite the usual vacation activities, there you will have the opportunity to try a large number of activities that will enrich your vacation, and make it special.

Certainly one of the best attractions you can try here is a paragliding tandem flight- Budva paragliding flight.

If you think you can’t, you’re really wrong, because with a highly trained and licensed paragliding Montenegro team that puts your safety first, it’s very simple and relaxing. You don’t need any prior knowledge of paragliding to experience this exciting adventure.

The easiest way to book your paragliding flight is to contact us via WhatsApp or Viber application or simply to call us on the phone, of course you can also write us an email (but these previous options on phone are better because of quick to be in contact), to arrange the time and place of the meeting.

Paragliding excursion starts by having our driver pick up you from your place to stay or pre-arranged meeting place. We will mention that the Paragliding Montenegro team has the possibility to fly with more passengers at the same time, so we always recommend to go on this adventure together with your partner or friend, its great opportunity to fly close and take great photos. We will drive to the take-off point, which is located on the slopes of the mountain Braici over Budva at almost 800 meters above sea level.

From there, after a short briefing in which you will be given the necessary knowledge for a paragliding flight, you adventure will begin.

You only need to take a few steps with your instructor as to raise the paraglider above your head and you will soon feel that your feet leave the ground. The feeling is fantastic! After that you can sit comfortably in your seat and enjoy the flight while your pilot playing with air currents to get altitude and move. Once in the sky, you will feel free and far from of daily worries, which will remain down away on earth.

In an exciting flight above the mountains you will enjoy an amazing panoramic view from a bird’s eye view that takes your breath away. You will enjoy the view of the island of St. Nicholas, as well island of St. Stephen, the city of Budva and a large number of sandy beaches and endless Adriatic sea. If you want to feel what it’s like to fly a paraglider your pilot will allow you, with his assistance you can take control commands for a few moments.

All pilots are specialists in acrobatics, so you will have the opportunity to perform some acrobatic figures if you want maximum adrenaline!

The flight lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and allows you to experience the perfect summary of activities! You can discover a call or a passion, in any case you will go away with the stars in your eyes!

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