Paragliding Montenegro-Tandem flight

If you ever have had dreams of floating high above the landscape – and endless sea, we’ll let’s make them a reality. Call us today and book your paragliding tandem flight!
Experience the thrill of a tandem paragliding flight and see magnificent Adriatic coast or explore the wild beauty of Montenegro from above!

We – live our dream and we want to share it with you!

We fly in different flying areas in Montenegro. We provide a high level of safety and professionalism to our passengers. The fun and passion for tandem paragliding is what drives us. So you can be sure that you will experience a great time between the horizon and the clouds with us.

In one morning or afternoon, you will generate a memory that will last you a lifetime. With the spectacular coastal mountains of the Budva Riviera so as hinterland of Boka bay, as well as he high mountain terrain on the north and unreal magic turquoise lakes Montenegro is one of the most spectacular flying regions in the world. There’s a great variety of flying in the region, ranging from coastal soaring to thermal flying, on the north.

With sure we can say that Montenegro has some of the best flying sites in Europe. The high mountain terrain and reliable weather create ideal flying conditions suitable for all pilots from beginner to pro almost during the whole year. But if you’re new to the sport, or considering taking lessons, a tandem flight with a qualified instructor is a superb way to experience the thrill of free-flight, as well excellent way to see the world from another perspective, or a wonderful gift idea. You do not need to have any experience at all to come tandem paragliding with us, we are team licensed tandem pilots and we have done thousands of tandem paragliding flights with children and as well adults.

Whether you’d like to have a soar relaxed flight, or you’re looking to get an adrenaline rush, we can meet your needs. We often encounter the question of whether tandem paragliding is safe? We can say with certainty that it is very safe. Obviously although paragliding estimated as a risk sport, at least for those who fly in single and always want to push limits, but the flights in Tandem minimize that risk component by putting the safety of the passenger first.

Although paragliding tandem flights generally operate from April to November, you can fly with us year round in Montenegro, during summer and spring months when we have longer daily hours mean you can take advantage of morning and evening flying, whereas in the winter and autumn months, smooth, cold air, gentle thermals and light winds means flying can also be very enjoyable. Anyway, what kind of paragliding flight and location you choose from for your paragliding adventure you can be sure that you will not make a mistake and that you will have an experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Paragliding gift card

Special an unforgettable experience!

Some research has showed that material goods are forgotten quickly, whereas experiences, adventures and memories remain!

Surprise your loved ones by gifting them with a truly unique and magical experience! A gift voucher for a paragliding tandem flight with Paragliding Montenegro team is a special and original gift, suitable for any occasion! Our team of highly qualified tandem pilots will make sure that your present had to be as simply the most beautiful gift which there is!

There will be no room for concerns but only for a lot of fun and unforgettable emotions.

We ask for your understanding that vouchers can only be ordered on line and ordered as a PDF for download or to print out yourself. After your request you will receive the voucher for printing to your email address and you can forward the file directly to the recipient or print it out and present it as a gift card.

Budva Paragliding

Are you planning your vacation in Budva?

That’s a great idea! Because Budva is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism despite the usual vacation activities, there you will have the opportunity to try a large number of activities that will enrich your vacation, and make it special.Certainly one of the best attractions you can try here is a paragliding tandem flight- Budva paragliding flight.If you think you can’t, you’re really wrong, because with a highly trained and licensed paragliding Montenegro team that puts your safety first, it’s very simple and relaxing. You don’t need any prior knowledge of paragliding to experience this exciting adventure.

Kotor Paragliding-Tandem flight

Lovcen is located at an altitude of 1380 meters

Paragliding Kotor – take off Lovcen famous as Black mountain is made up almost entirely of high altitude terrain including the vast mountain area of the Lovcen National Park and famous peak Stirovnik and Jezerski peak.
Take off Lovcen is located at an altitude of 1380 meters above sea level,during twenty years paragliding spot Kotor – take off Lovcen has carved out a reputation as one of the Europe’s top beauty sites for paragliding tandem flying.
The smoot sea breeze and thermal of the southern-east Lovcen mountain range with sometimes very low cloud base, dominant south and south-east winds to make it a superb exciting for tandem flights. The slopes of the Lovcen ridge are rocky, with many deep valleys, pits and gorges, which give a sensational look to the landscape.

Paragliding Petrovac

From our passengers we often get the question where it is best to do paragliding in Montenegro.

We will note that the paragliding Montenegro team flies from several paragliding places on the coastal part of Montenegro, all these locations are very attractive and each of them has something special

that makes it unique so if you choose any of these options you will certainly not regret it.
On the contrary, you will certainly enjoy every moment of the flight, but if you still insist on our recommendation, we will always suggest Paragliding flight in Budva as the best option.
Why? The reason is simple, even though you are on vacation, ie you are not in a hurry, you still do not want to spend most of the day on one excursion.

Paragliding Budva- thermal flight

During sunny days, the air on the ground warms up,

this heated air is lighter than cold air which is why the warm air masses rise and thermals or updrafts develop. With the rising air currents your paraglider pilot can gain altitude with circling flight and reach the desired altitude, even up to the cloud.
If you have ever seen how thermal winds endow eagles ascend to great heights without flapping their wings, in this same way, we use the rising air currents and with the right conditions can fly high above peaks of mountains.

In order to be able to offer you a perfect panoramic thermal flight of 35 – 45 minutes, we set your tandem flight appointment at the time of day when the updraft is strong enough. In this kind of flights, we can often reach heights of over 1500 m. ASL, that you can enjoy your paragliding flight adventure high above the peaks and the wide sight panorama on Riviera of Budva.

Winter paragliding Budva

Planning a trip in Montenegro during winter but you wish to experience something spectacular on this journey.

Don’t worry we can help you with that ,our Paragliding Montenegro team in the coastal region performs paragliding tandem flights during the winter.

Unlike most European countries that start their paragliding season in the spring and end it in the fall, we on the coastal part of Montenegro have excellent conditions for flying during the winter. High mountains, that rise along the coast, mild climate and a large number of sunny days make this place unique as perfectly created for this activity. In the winter, smooth, cold air, gentle thermals and light winds from the sea mean that flying can be very comfortable and long.

Paragliding Budva

Paragliding for kids

Come and making true your child’s dream, with paragliding Budva team of Montenegro it’s possible very simple and easy.
Flying with a child who widens their eyes every second of the flight is just fabulous.

It’s a magical moment for them, but also for us. An intense moment of wonder, of joy that can be read in their eyes like incredible, unique pleasure.

In the air, it’s incredible: they are comfortable, discussing, singing, discovering the world so small under their feet!