Skiing on the mountain , rafting and canoe , surfing , enjoying the beautiful , sunny beaches or freshwater and sea fishing, including big gejm clashes with offshore predators such as dolphinfish , yellowtail and tuna … all in one day , within a radius of only 150 kilometers ?Yes , such a thing is possible in Montenegro .Your part is to discover this corner of the Adriatic, come and enjoy the spectacular nature , authentic cuisine , wine, which the Romans interwove laurels .Know that lasted thousands of years, people on the border of historic winds.The climate of almost 14 thousand square kilometers decorated with fascinating and unique natural monuments , which are travel writers and poets luring beautiful words , verses , the …There , at the door of the Adriatic , you will meet one of the most beautiful bays in the world , the deepest canyon in Europe , the largest lake in the alkans , rainforests , national parks and numerous reserves, protected areas – a paradise for nature lovers .The sea is a different story . From the mouth of Bojana river , in the southeast , to the Bay in the northwest lower and alternating sandy beaches, secluded coves , islands, towns whose core built on Greek , Roman and Illyrian foundations .You definitely have to get to know people with Montenegrin mountain . During the long history they have learned to boldly reject various conquerors , and passing travelers welcome sincere and hospitable . Look for them in a shepherd’s hut ugostite the meals from organically produced ingredients – you will feel like you are visiting friends .